• Naresh kumar panchal ji

ll prevention of disease by shabar mantra

You are Veer Bada Hanuman.

Pan in the red loin mouth.

Aer Bhagavai |

Hate God

Power is so strong in you.

Its body is weak

So mother Anjani

Duhai Gaura Parvati's.

Duhai Ram's.

The cry of Sita.

Take the news of its body.

There is no effort in this.

If any reason is becoming weak and the reason is not understood, then after chanting this mantra 7 times, after every mantra, blow on the patient and if the patient does it himself, then the patient blows himself along with Hanuman to the patient. Bring the vermilion of his feet with the statue of Hanuman in the temple of Ji and also do Tilak. If the patient is suffering from any disease, he will definitely get health benefits.