• Naresh kumar panchal ji

2. Shabar mantra, unravel of navel:

ॐ Namo Nadi Nadi |

Nine to pulse.

Seventy two brothels |

Let's go ahead

Diga kotha |

Let the pulse protect Yati Hanumant.

Word template.

Ingot glass.

Phure Mantra Ishwarovacha |

Take a yellow bamboo that has 9 knots. Now lie the patient on the ground and standing this bamboo above his navel and chanting this mantra, while burning the mantle in the bamboo hole, it keeps on blowing in such a way that the blunt navel is immediately cured.

3. Shabar Mantra, Prevention of Piles:

ॐ kaka kata kori kori karta |

How to do it?

Yasna dasha hans manifest

Bloody Bad Hemorrhoids

Do not tell the mantra to your life.

Dwad Brahm is the sin of killing.

If you chant lakhs, then it is not in his lineage

Word template.

Body of glass.

Hanuman's mantra template.

Furo Mantra Ishwarovacha

Put water in a pot at night, in the morning, do anal ablution by invoking that water 21 times with the above mantra. By doing


whatever the piles are, it is cured soon.